MEEKLOH is a new and exciting handbag range born and bred in Zinkwazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal and was launched in August 2017, by Nadia Habig. MEEKLOH specializes in limited edition fabric and leatherette handbags in a variety of styles such as fold-over bags, sling bags, clutches, make-up bags and the MEEKLOH signature Tote.  Each handbag has been skillfully made by local tradesmen, with materials and trimmings sourced from local suppliers making MEEKLOH a truly South African brand. As a new brand, MEEKLOH strives to provide unique and exciting handbags of a high quality to bring you nothing but the best in affordable handbags.


As a proudly South African brand, MEEKLOH aims to continually provide customers with a product that’s has been manufactured by local tradesman from locally sourced products. In the future, MEEKLOH aims to provide new and exciting bag that are on trend with the global market while maintaining standards for high quality.



Our mission at MEEKLOH is to continually grow and develop as a South African brand, experimenting with new techniques and ideas to deliver quality products to consumers. By learning and expanding our knowledge of both the product we deliver and our consumer, we hope MEEKLOH will flourish and thrive in the South African market.